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Belgrade Tango Encuentro - Festival/Marathon

In Belgrade , from Tuesday 30 April 2019 22:00 to Tuesday 07 May 2019 03:00

Organizer Tango Natural,
Belgrade Tango Encuentro is a festival with more dancing hours per day then most of the marathons have. It's a place where dancers from all over the globe, from almost 300 cities, around 60 countries and from 6 continents meet to celebrate the glory of Argentine tango in our big yet cozy ronda and around it.
The biggest groups are coming every year from Russia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Serbia, of course.
Classes are gender balanced but milongas are not. Still, comparing to the other festivals worldwide the gender balance is quite good. Registration is possible for single dancers.
This year we're gonna celebrate it for the 10th time. <3
You can expect extraordinary!