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Otra Luna

A Paris , du vendredi 22 février 2019 18:30 au dimanche 24 février 2019 22:00

organisé par Collectif Tango Hors Piste
Otra Luna III - Next departure from February 22th to 24th of 2019

Registration starts on OCTOBER 20th at 8:00 PM

After a long journey through the cosmos, the CTHP crew is now really happy to announce that our next departure will be from February 22th to 24th of 2019!

Since our last trip, an artificial satellite has been launched in low OL orbit that we could observe what is happening out there when tango dancers left the place.

And we have to say that the first shots reveal some really strange things… We’re not still absolutely sure about their exact nature so the international scientific community orderded us to keep such information under seal of confidentiality. But we think that tango community should know what’s happening and may be able to help understanding those phenomena.

So pay attention in the next few months, some of our descoveries should be forwarded on this secret page…

See you there!